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A solar lantern is a portable lighting device consisting of a P-V module. Battery. Lamp. and Electronics. Battery.Lamp.Electronics are placed in a suitable housing made of metal. Plastic or Fiberglass the solar The Lantern is suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting covering the full range of 360 degrees. P-V Modules converts sunlight into electricity through c c u. charges the battery which power from battery supplying to the luminaire.

Features: Dimmer System 9 W & 6 W | Built-in battery charge | Controller low battery and charging indication Eco-friendly | Zero maintenance | Energy efficient | Instant start.
Application: Rural India | Quality Light instead of candle & kerosine lamp | Camping | Picnic spot | Street side stalls | Indoor use | Emergency lighting | Indstrial Application – minning


Product Type RL03WSL RL05WSL RL06/09WSL
Luminary 3W LED luminary 5W LED luminary 06/9W LED luminary
Battery SWF or lead-acid battery-6V, 4 AH 12V 7 AH
Module PV module 5wp PV module 10wp
Charging Ac/DC charging point , Mobile charging point
Backup 9 Operating hours per permissible discharge 7 Operating hours per permissible discharge 8 Operating hours per permissible discharge
Lighting source from white led soothing to eyes with the use of proper optics and diffuser