Experience brilliance crafted in India with Rashmi LED Ai-Sensiglow Sensor LED Lighting Series . Proudly introducing a fusion of cutting-edge technology and Indian craftsmanship, this series epitomizes innovation and style. Immerse your spaces in intelligent, illumination, designed and manufactured at Dhanashree Electronics Ltd. Salt Lake , Kolkata , Made In India to illuminate your surroundings with efficiency and elegance .




Experience unmatched brilliance with Rashmi LED Ai-sensinova premier sensor lighting solutions Bulb , Batten , Panel , Bulkhead Fittings and Triproof PC Batten etc. From advanced motion detection to energy-efficient illumination,  cutting-edge technology brings superior lighting performance to enhance your surroundings. Illuminate your world with confidence and precision, only with Rashmi LED

Rashmi LED Ai-Sensiglow Sensor lights offer unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and security for your home or business. With advanced motion detection technology, they activate automatically when movement is detected, ensuring illumination precisely when and where you need it most. By eliminating the need for manual operation, sensor lights enhance safety, conserve energy, and provide peace of mind. Discover the effortless convenience and enhanced security of sensor lighting solutions for a smarter, more efficient environment.

Experience a noticeable reduction in your electricity bill with Rashmi LED sensor lights. By intelligently activating only when motion is detected, these innovative lighting solutions minimize unnecessary energy consumption. Enjoy the benefits of cost savings without compromising on convenience or safety. Upgrade to sensor lights today and watch your electricity bill drop while enhancing your space with efficient, automated illumination .

Artificial intelligence Sensor integrated lights

Meet the ultimate solution for parking areas, staircases, and corridors : Rashmi LED Ai-sensiglow versatile sensor light. Engineered with precision motion detection technology, it ensures reliable illumination exactly when and where you need it most. Whether it’s enhancing safety in dimly lit stairwells or providing added security in parking lots, this sensor light offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. Elevate your spaces with effortless, intelligent lighting tailored to your needs

RASHMI LED Ai-Sensiglow Motion Sensor Lighting Series 

Step into a world of comfort, convenience, and endless possibilities with Rashmi LED Ai-sensiglow innovative solutions. Experience improved home security, enhanced safety, and unmatched convenience tailored to your lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of energy savings, cost savings, and a more sustainable future. Elevate your living environment with smart technologies that bring peace of mind and efficiency to every corner of your home .

DAZZLE FAIRY LIGHT Rashmi LED thrilled to share our groundbreaking products, a first-of-its-kind in India. These versatile creations promise a vibrant atmosphere for parties, Diwali, Christmas, family functions, and more. With IP67 certification, they thrive in various environmental conditions.