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A solar water pump has a mini powerhouse of its heart and consist of a Calibrated and matching solar Array of modules turned with the equivalent power of a pump for the particular application, But Rashmi solar pimp is capable to Drawing Average 35000 Litter water a full sunny days. Interestingly. Rashmi smart solar uses same energy to draw 70000.litter water infull sunny days by our 2.2 hp surface pump .up to 2.5diainch pipe within 30 ft suction and delivery 60 fit vertical.200 fit horizontally distance with 1.5-inch-dia-pipe.

Installation Requirement : Site survey | Solar Array /iron structure | Solar P V Cell | Laid Acid tubular c-10 rating charging Battery | 12v 20 Ahx4 nos [for Emergency service] | Pump sets 2.2 Hp 48 v d c, Pump sets 2.2 Hp 48 v d c | Pipe & cable | Earthling | C C U | Installation Commissioning


Item Details Unit Consumption Consumption Consumption Consumption
Solar Panel wp 600 1000wp 1800wp 2700wp
Battery AH/12V 20AhX4nos 20AhX4nos 20AhX4nos 20AhX4nos
D.C Pump Hp 1 Hp 2.2 Hp 4.2 Hp 5.5 Hp
Pump Suction Size Inch 2.0 2.5 dia 2.0 2.5 dia
Pump Delivery inch 1.5 2.0 dia 1.5 2.0 dia
Voltage volts Dc-48V Dc-48V
Current amp 6.0-10.0 6.0-10.0